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It's Certain Because It's Impossible - Angry Earth

Solo exhibition in a prologue,nine episodes and an epilogue presented at Allgemeiner Konsumverein in Braunschweig between 7.6.2019 - 21.7.2019, curated by Dr. Anne Mueller von der Haegen.


This exhibition is a continuation of my recent work, which focusses on relationships and interactions between the human body and the body of nature. Here I take the perspective of the Earth, who is suffering the harmful and damaging effects of human activity.


However, the Earth is not a passive element, but a body that speaks, as might a lover experiencing the pain of break up. The deceived one finally expresses their fatigue and disillusioned feelings through the allegoric images of the present work.


The Anthropocene is an epoque marked by human plague. It can be compared with the other great plagues of the past, which have caused so much destruction on Earth.

Exhibition Catalogue Preview*:

*for personal view only

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