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Independent Colony

2018, 8-channel sound installation, Field recording, loudspeakers, ceramic chamber, electronics


Wild Bees Recording From Białowieża Forest: Peter Cusack

Height 38 cm., diameter 35 cm.  


Set inside a the micro-relations between human beings and inhabitants of the forest. In this case, the bees reflect upon the limits between thebeehive shaped piece, this humorous piece invites the listeners to immerse themselves in the microtonal, meditative humming of the wild bees recorded in the Białowieża Forest in Poland. The existence of the bees is intrinsic to our existence on Earth and yet, the species is under threat and the sound of bees is less and less common in our everyday life. Artist questions again 

symbiotic relationship with humans and the exploitation of the bees as mass producers of honey.


text © Christy Woody


Photo © Martin Kamratowski

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