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carbon fiber, metal, oil, tranducers, electronics

size: 54x54x225 cm (single object)


Simulacrum is a post-apocalyptic vision of the emptiness of an unknown section of planet Earth, but which still breathes, and perhaps regenerates. 

The irreplaceable role of clean air and water, on which the artist focuses, reminds us of their present pollution by industry, the consequences of the greenhouse effect, and thus the growing imbalance in the atmosphere.

In the treeless, man-made, metallic landscape, we encounter only clusters of carbon fiber rods, growing, as if out of their own mirrored reflection, submerged in the oily substance instead of a nutritious soil. Provoked by low sound frequencies they are set in motion,  to imitate the rustling of the wind in non-existent fields.

It is a beautiful and frightening image at the same time, which draws the worst vision of today's progress, if it is not slowed down.



Simulacrum was curated by Marcin Dymiter and Cervantes Institute in Warsaw. It was first shown in June 2021 as a part of the exhibition series

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