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You Are Never Alone

8-ch Audio, 4-ch video audiovisual experience

premiered at Digital Art Zurich Festival 2022


The space of the silo is enveloped with an eight channel sound composition created from the recordings of the small creatures, bugs and insects, as well as mosses, or tree bark often inaudible or unnoticed. 

Whereas a four channel video projection showing close ups and zooming into the soil, forest floor, or other micro findings, which although present a myriad of patterns, colours, or flavours, often are not given enough attention. 

The participants are asked to listen, see, and feel with and into their bodies, to imagine the life from the ground level and the undergrowth.


The installation creates a thought provoking bridge, aimed at diminishing distances between us humans and the non-humans, awakening compassion and empathy towards them. 

Moreover, to insinuate there’s a sublime kind of pleasure in the uninvasive interaction with and an intensified perceptual reciprocal exchange between us and the non human beings.

 And through creation of this experience enclosed in a silo it encourages the visitors to undertake further personal investigations of those relationships.

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